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(With a new and simple concept about the nature of ‘Dark Matter’).

This article describes what is believed to be a fundamentally new model of how solar systems are formed, and how their components evolve with time. Among the possibly novel concepts put forward are the following:

1. Independent formation, no protoplanetary disc. In the model, all the components of a solar system form independently. How the system looks after a given time depends on the extents to which gravitational interactions have proceeded.

2. Incipient solar systems ordered over time. In the model, an incipient or newly-forming solar system contains an essentially random distribution of solid bodies. These may be ordered under the influence of gravitational forces, over sufficiently long times, into a planar distribution of planets and asteroids around the equatorial axis of a central star.

3. The nature of ‘Dark Matter’. Incidentally to the main model, it appears that the ‘Dark Matter’ sought for many years by astrophysicists and cosmologists is merely undetected ordinary matter beyond solar systems.

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  • Leo Vuyk  On June 11, 2014 at 6:45 am

    Interesting, but without the SABHs (dark matter Stellar Anchor Black Holes) of Q-FFF theory, so without a real understanding of the real origin of dark matter around the sun.


  • Vedat Shehu  On April 21, 2015 at 4:44 am

    Dear Colleague David Noel,
    I Know your active interpretations about Earth and Cosmos, and, in my last Scientific Pamphlet titled “The Earth’s Core, an Energetic Cosmic Object” , I quoted only one article of yours titled “Fixed-Earth and Expanding-Earth Theories”. There in article the Expansion is interpreted correctly as main alternative In Global Tectonics , real mobile theoory facing the Fixed Erath of PT, [] I evaluate very high your interpretations.
    Now, informed about your new variant of planet formation process separately from stars, I saw with greater attention your article titled “The Cosmic Smog model for solar system formation, and the nature of ‘Dark Matter”. Regardless of my different core kernel theory, your smog model reaches to some new conclusions that are similar to mines.
    Firstly, in your model the objects of a solar system (central star, planets, planetoids, dwarf planetoids) are independently formed . It is well argued conform current dominant theory that treats the origin having starting point the molecular shape of matter. Even my theory starting from another premise reached to same conclusion.
    Secondly, your conclusion that CMBR is stabilized radiating receiving-editing equilibrium from energetic sources over common cold matter filled space between stars. Even my interpretations points to your conclusion.
    Thirty, Consequently, by you model, are formed even rogue planets orbiting independently galaxy, as to be remote stars. This is first interpretation I met. Staring from my point of view I reached to the same conclusion.
    Fourth, your arguments to Big Bang are reinforcing mines; I argue that modern theology interfered in scientific achievements and using sophisticated mathematical methods, astrophysical discoveries, computing modeling, and above biblical mythological premises, and it calculates how many years ago has been created cosmic sky and Earth with everything inside.

    Some comment.-
    On Ort Cloud: I overview differently on your interpretations about the role you gives to “Ort Cloud Soup”. As it seems to me, there are lack of arguments to be clearer difference between what is outer solar sphere producing comets named “Ort Cloud” and “Ort soup scattered between stars”.
    Dark Matter: In fact the dark matter remains a hypothetic, and, as it seems to me, relevant calculation for its existence point to an abstract matter concentration emitting gravitational fluxes, respectively gravitational energy called black energy (not electromagnetic energy). This concept for black matter, I think, exclude interpretation that its gravitational manifestation is done by scattered atom-molecular matter of “Ort Soup”.
    Interior energy; As it seems to me, such new way of interpretation needs new view on such great difference in productions of the independent interior energy, not only for planets and planetoids (Pluto, moons, etc), but even for dwarf planetoids as big asteroids are Vesta, Ceres, etc. Furthermore we need to interpret. Furthermore, must be interpreted inner energy produced inside the rogue planets, brown dwarfs and dark dwarfs.
    Vedat Shehu


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