Comment on “Refining the Zwicky Constant”

(A new more soundly-based constant for inter-galactic distances, replacing the Hubble Constant).

Here you can comment on, or see comments made on, “Refining the Zwicky Constant”.

This article looks at problems with the Hubble Constant and Big Bang concepts, and explains a new constant for very large cosmic distances. The Zwicky Constant is the distance over which the frequency of a light beam is doubled, due to Gravitational Drag — about 7.7 billion light years.

This constant is simply based, without the need to consider relativistic effects, and gives rather larger bounds for the observable Universe.

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  • William C Wesley  On April 28, 2015 at 10:20 am

    I dearly hope the James Webb telescope makes further self delusion about the big bang so difficult as to be unsustainable, the big bang religion is so entrenched, so impossible to dislodge I fear even the new telescopic evidence will not be enough, a time dilation will be invented to explain how timescales beyond 13.7 billion years are really only 13.7 billion years

    Just as the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics was preferred to the pilot wave interpretation of quantum mechanics specifically because the Copenhagen version allowed for the abandonment of causality while the pilot wave interpretation did not abandon cuasality, we can expect the big bang interpretation of cosmology which also abandons causality to be preferred to the gravitational drag interpretation of cosmology which does not abandon causality.

    The banishment of causality seem to be the agenda, in reality we are facing an ANTI science movement that is very entrenched. It seems to me this may have started with Einsteins formulations which abandon absolute time and space.

    Gravity is reformulated not as a force in absolute space but as a curving of space, however a force law can be devised which does the same thing as the bending of space without resorting to it,

    Similarly Einstein reformulated time as capable of dilating to explain changes in the rate of physical processes with acceleration, however acceleration may effect the rates of physical processes directly in absolute time.

    Once absolute time and space are abandoned almost any scenario may become justified, the problem may have started long ago as a scientific approach was gradually and almost imperceptibly exchanged for an anti scientific approach.


  • dougsnell  On April 22, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    This is the first i have read of Zwicky, yet i can see he had insights into what Hubble Redshift is: gravity induced effect of light. is Relativity 2.0 explaining Cos Redshift using Einstein’s equations. Hopefully we can upgrade to the truth about cos redshift and advance to a contracting Universe without the need for dark energy etc. Good stuff, thank Zwicky, RIP.


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