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(A fashion item from a very unusual source) .

Some 3500 years ago, a thriving empire existed in the eastern Mediterranean, called the Minoan Civilization.

The Minoans were the leaders of their world. They were advanced in metal-work and manufacturing arts, and had a huge fleet of trading ships which traded with cultures thousands of kilometres away, very possibly as far as the Great Lakes of North America.

Their religion was dominated by women, who had interesting fashions in clothing and jewellery. Among these fashions was “Minoan Pants”, multiple-layer trouser pants, a fashion apparently never revived in modern times.

Go to the article to see drawings of the “Minoan Pants” fashion concept for women.


Fashionable Minoan ladies

Their civilization was destroyed, around 1500 BC, by the most immense natural disaster known, when the island of Santorini underwent an enormous eruption, accompanied by huge tsunamis. This disaster may have been four times the size of the devastating Krakatoa eruption of 1883.

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