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Here you can comment on, or see comments made on, articles in the Matrix Plus website.


“Matrix Plus” contains the Second Level articles, published in 2016 or later, following on from the 1992 “Matrix Thinking” suite of articles.

Back in 1992, David Noel’s book “Matrix Thinking: How Society Works” was printed and published. It has been described as “a collection of articles all about the inside workings of human societies, social groups, individuals in society, and their analogues elsewhere in nature”. At the time, a Book Two was envisaged, expanding on the earlier one.

In 2014, the first book was re-formulated as a suite of Web Articles. Now, in 2016, under the heading “MTPlus”, further articles are being produced, expanding and developing some of the contents of the original “Matrix Thinking”. In some sense, “MTPlus” is the replacement for the original “Book Two”, which never saw the light of day.

However, it is not a re-hash of the earlier ideas, instead it is a re-think of How Society Works with the benefit of what has been learnt since 1992. Of course, many back-references and links to MT are included within the new articles, as they are built upon the foundation established there.


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The Second Suite of Matrix Thinking articles .

You can enter a comment on any of the MTPlus articles below. All comments welcome.


  • Elizabeth Haynes  On June 16, 2016 at 2:30 am

    Very interesting but I am doubtful that any First World government, particularly Australia, would have the courage, commitment or ability to introduce such a scheme. Our “democratic” political system would not allow it to happen.


  • dave Merit  On May 31, 2020 at 4:48 am

    Stumbled here circuitously from youtube. THanks for your thoughts and challenging ideas. I was looking for answers on moth antennae. We have so much more to learn. Enjoy your twenties!


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