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Comment on “Matrix Thinking: How Society Works”

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The MTSite home page is a collection of articles all about the inside workings of human societies, social groups, individuals in society, and their analogues elsewhere in nature.

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Comment on “How The Neanderthals Became The Basques”

This article traces the fascinating story of what happened to the Neanderthals — they merged with the rest of humanity, and most of us now contain some Neanderthal genes!

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Comment on “Arguable Quotes”

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The Arguable Quotations website contains some saying which may run against the current orthodoxy, but may nevertheless have some truth.

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Comment on “Innerlandia”

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The Continents of Planet Corpus

The Continents of Planet Corpus

This post is specifically about “Innerlandia”, and you’ve probably reached here from the AOI article:

Innerlandia — The Unexplored Continent Within Your Body.

Innerlandia is all about how your digestive system is quite different to the rest of your body — it isn’t made up of human cells, for example. And how its contents vary hugely from one person to another, which can dramatically affect their response to allergies, diabetes, and other auto-immune disorders.

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