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The Continents of Planet Corpus

The Continents of Planet Corpus

This post is specifically about “Innerlandia”, and you’ve probably reached here from the AOI article:

Innerlandia — The Unexplored Continent Within Your Body.

Innerlandia is all about how your digestive system is quite different to the rest of your body — it isn’t made up of human cells, for example. And how its contents vary hugely from one person to another, which can dramatically affect their response to allergies, diabetes, and other auto-immune disorders.

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  • commentmaster  On April 8, 2012 at 7:19 am

    I have just spent the afternoon — or lots of it — reading your article. Thanks for sending it as I found it fascinating, and I have sent it on to a couple of friends — one in Quebec and the other in England.   

    I remember my father squeezing milk from the cow straight into our mouths!!  We can still buy  unpasteurized cheese here — camembert and brie etc.   It always has so much more flavour. 

    I do so agree with you re Australia being so very regulated.  It drives me mad when I’m there.    Why is this so, and when did it start?  And why does everyone just obey? 

    I think I love France because if you tell a Frenchman what to do he will do the opposite!!  And they are so politically incorrect!

    Rachael, France


  • Sarah  On April 10, 2012 at 10:55 am

    Next time I get ill I am going to demand a poo transplant. Maybe my partner would agree to be a donor. That would be romantic!


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